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Why is Personalized Mentor Necessary For You

We ensure complete attention for every student. Our mentors take individual, one-on-one sessions to understand your aspirations and guide you accordingly. You are free to interact with our mentors anytime during the working hours regarding any sort of career assistance.

Why is Career Counselling so Important?

In this fast paced world, today it has become so prudent for all of us to take the right decisions at right times to avoid losing out on our invaluable years, especially of our youth. Taking one miscalculated career decision can swipe past several years of our life in a blink, eventually leaving us with stress, anxiety or other mental health hazards that might lead up to something as serious as depression in certain cases. A recent WHO-led study estimates that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy USD 1 trillion each year in lost productivity. Unemployment, negative work environment, incompatible skills and competence of employees are some of the well-recognized risk factors of mental health.

So many times, have we seen students picking up careers under the influence of parental, societal or peer pressures that have caused havoc to them in the long run. And hence it is essential to give shape to our career, delicately, right from an early age.

In India, a major such decision-making point comes after the completion of high-school or graduation. Before deciding to step any further students should be well-aware of their true potentials as well as how the surrounding professional world functions. Based on which they can identify where they shall best fit-in and create a maximum impact.

Hence, it is extremely important to go through a proper, professional career-counselling program where the students are analysed based on their aptitude, personality, strength, preferences, ambitions and many more traits and then shown a more advertent and precise path ahead. Mera Pathsala not only helps you select your course and college but also guides you end-to-end throughout the process until admission.

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